Shockproof tablet SA-TB14

Astron Rough Pro SA-TB14


Astron Rough Pro’s tough harness houses unlimited possibilities. Even in the harshest conditions, this rugged tablet’s performance remains unrivalled. Discover the multitude of features that hide behind the 7” screen.

The Astron Rough Pro SA-TB14 equals top performance in the toughest conditions. It’s a rugged tablet on the outside and a real pro on the inside, thanks to its technological versatility: Dual SIM Quad Band, seamless data exchange, Bluetooth and more.

SA-TB14 features



Humidity can’t really bother the Astron Rough Pro SA-TB14. It’s a waterproof tablet that can be immersed in water at 1.2 meters depth, even for 40 minutes. This opens numerous possibilities in the maritime world, or in healthcare workplaces where disinfection is needed.

 Shockproof & rugged

The Astron Rough Pro is the most rugged tablet on the block. It even lives up to US military standards, being MIL-STD-810G certified. Needless to say that it can resist shocks in an unrivalled manner. It’s the right tool to use in transport, construction, logistics or for military activities.

 Stay connected

Smart roaming is possible thanks to Astron Rough Pro’s Dual SIM Quad Band. Voice and data connections run flawlessly at the same time. Data traffic can be managed via mobile networks or WIFI. And thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, extra solutions become reality: LEL metre, helmet communication and more. Bottom line: Astron Rough Pro ensures you’re connected – always and everywhere.

 Running on Android

Astron Rough Pro tablets run on Android, the most versatile operating system. This opens up a world of applications: compass, man down, track & trace … Your company will thrive on countless new solutions.

 Daylight readable

Don’t worry about disturbing reflections. Even when the sun shines directly onto the screen, the tablet’s 7” display remains easily readable.

 8 Megapixels for extremely sharp images

Astron Rough Pro tablet is equipped with an 8 Megapixel Camera. Enjoy streaming video applications and photography in High Resolution.

 Meeting your requirements

Astron Rough Pro tablets fit right into the IT infrastructure of your business. The Remote Device Management Solution (RDMS) enables them to run applications that are specifically tailored to your activities.