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Stay organized & connected

Going somewhere where you’d rather not take your regular smartphone? No problem: Astron Rough Pro has everything you need to stay organized and connected. Use your Astron Rough Pro rugged tablet or smartphone to easily manage your e-mail, contacts, documents and agenda. And don’t worry: your data are safely stored in the Cloud.

Smart Mobile Worker

When you’re working alone in hazardous places, it’s good to know someone is watching over you. Astron Rough Pro rugged tablets and smartphones power a mobile safety solution that features Mobile Track, Man Down and LiveCast. This combination turns every solitary professional into a Smart Mobile Worker. Think only of the possibilities in an industrial context, or in the safety and security sector.

As a Smart Mobile Worker, you are being tracked via GPS, so that the central dispatch always knows where you are. When you feel in danger, you can ask for video assistance. And if you fall or don’t move during a certain amount of time, the dispatch will automatically be alarmed, and audio and video communication will be activated. Moreover, Astron Rough Pro can be expanded with a gas meter. This way, the central dispatch can be timely informed on the presence of possible dangerous gases.

Mobile Workforce

In collaboration with Aidoo-mobile, Astron Rough Pro rugged tablets and smartphones enable your staff to become a highly efficient Mobile Workforce. You can use them to plan work shifts, communicate tasks, or track and trace your workers’ whereabouts.

Outside workers can also use Astron Rough Pro devices for a wide range of activities – like registering tasks, making reports, taking pictures, or making appointments. All information is sent to your office, and can even be integrated into your ERP system.


Push to talk

Astron Rough Pro rugged smartphones and tablets can also function as walkie-talkies.
However, they make use of 3G coverage instead of radio frequencies, thus enabling long-distance communication. Astron Rough Pro’s alarm button can be used as a ‘push to talk’-button, although a Bluetooth microphone connection is also possible.

Track and trace

Astron Rough Pro rugged tablets and smartphones are equipped with location services, enabling you to continuously track your staff and vehicles. The devices aren’t built into the vehicle: you can take them with you, wherever you go.